10 best motivational books for business owners

10 free strategies to keep your business organised

Small business organisation strategies are worth taking the time to learn if you want to keep your company working like a well-oiled machine. Taking the time to refine your systems can add immense value back into your business in the form of efficiency, lower stress levels and of course growing your business. It doesn’t have to be expensive to stay on top of organisation. Here’s just some of the ways you can wrangle your day-to-day for free! Continue Reading

10 tips for staying motivated with your business

As an entrepreneur or franchisee maintaining your motivation levels can at times be tough... These roles require huge amounts of personal commitment and effort and often long periods of steady focus, strategic planning and decision-making. As a franchise owner , you will have the support of your entire network behind you. But that doesn't mean you have it easy when it comes to motivating yourself to get to work in the morning. For when it gets overwhelming here’s what you need to know about how to stay motivated in your own business: Continue Reading

Franchise marketing strategy for your small business

Buying a franchise means you are the boss of your own business while boasting many of the advantages of a much larger company. One of those advantages is the power of franchise wide marketing. In most networks, your franchisor will provide things like national-level advertising – the sort of marketing you would never be able to afford as a new solo entrepreneur... Yet it's important to understand how your relationship with your franchisor will work if you want to market your business most effectively. Here's how to picture the franchise marketing strategy for your small business: Continue Reading

Writing for Social Media: 10 Tips you Can’t Miss.

Writing for social media is a little different than writing for other channels...at times it calls for approaches that wouldn’t work elsewhere. Giving your brand a voice that works online can be challenging but it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd – and if you're a franchisee, you need to make sure that your franchise owner understands how necessary this is. These tips are the building blocks for creating an online identity your clients will love interacting with. Continue Reading

6 ways to build your database

Figuring out how to grow your business email list can be a challenge. But there are some simple things you can do to build your database: 1) Make sure it's worthwhile being on your mailing list This really is Rule Number One when it comes to how to build a massive email list: If all your customers get from you is regular spammy emails which give them no value, why would they stay with you? (more…)