6 ways to build your database

Grow your database

Figuring out how to grow your business email list can be a challenge.

But there are some simple things you can do to build your database:

1) Make sure it’s worthwhile being on your mailing list

This really is Rule Number One when it comes to how to build a massive email list:

If all your customers get from you is regular spammy emails which give them no value, why would they stay with you?

If you’re putting in the time and effort to get people to sign up, it’s worth making sure they’ll stay once they do.

Consider providing:

Informative, well-written articles or how-to content which is relevant to them

Actual money-off deals

Invitations to events you’re running (again, make sure the event is relevant)

2) Offer freebies and bonus content

You’ll see calls to action like these all the time:

“Sign up to get our free e-book!”

“Sign up to get a free blog post on this topic!”

This is often called “gated content” or bonus content. It’s an easy and non-invasive way to attract people to your mailing list.

It also follows Rule Number One.

3) Run a competition which requires an email address

Most companies running competitions these days will request your email address to enter. This is why.

You can promote your competition anywhere:


On Facebook and other social media platforms

On competition cards in your physical store location

The important thing is to request an email address to enter.

4) Run an offer which requires an email address

Yes, this is tip three with a twist!

Are you thinking about running a special offer?

Great – all you need to do is request an email address before you give your clients access to those sweet savings. Just make sure they’re worthwhile.

5) Rely on the power of your network

Whether you’ve just become a franchise owner or you’ve been building your own network for years, this is a great way to get email addresses for your marketing emails for free.

Well, you won’t be getting the addresses. Not exactly. Most decent companies these days won’t pass around email lists because it’s bad practice.


If you’re a franchisee, your network should make you a part of their advertising emails (built-in national-level advertising is one of the major reasons people buy a franchise in the first place).

Whether you are or not, you can still run joint email campaigns with any partner companies you might have. They run campaigns on their mailing list and mention you. You do the same for them.

6) Blog!

Your blog should always come with calls to action at the bottom, of course. But why not have one part of the way down the page?

You don’t want to spam your readers with sign-up requests before they’ve seen the sweet content you have on offer. But allow them to get a decent way down the page, don’t do it too much and maybe there’s space for a short, concise, benefit-listing lead-capture form.

Ways to build your database – remember Rule Number One

Although blogging, running deals and special offers which require signs up and looking into franchising opportunities are all top ways to build your database, don’t forget Rule Number One.

Because if you’re not providing value to your audience, your massive email database won’t stay massive for long.Contact Us to Learn More