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Finishing, Laminating and Binding Services

MBE’s high quality finishing, laminating, and binding services are what turn a standard project into something special. Something that makes a real impact. It’s what transforms a pile of paper into a polished, professional catalogue. Or what changes a simple folder full of documents into a report that your company can be proud of creating.

We have a wide range of capabilities and products that will enable you to finish off your print job, creating just the right effect for the task at hand. Are you aiming to impress or inspire?

Let us show you how…

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The Finishing Touches

  • Transparent & Translucent Papers – some plans or artistic work requires see-through paper for printing
  • Waterproof Papers – again often used in engineering diagrams and the like, where exposure to water could be a factor
  • Coloured Papers & Cardstocks – matching the look and feel of the finished image you want to create
  • Trimming & Guillotining – get your project trimmed so its size fits its purpose
  • Binding – we can bind any length of document, and usually do so for for professional projects like reports
  • Matte  & Gloss Laminating – laminating can increase the toughness of any printed item, or simply enhance the look
  • Booklet Making – for when you want to make sure that your booklet holds together under rough handling
  • Stapling  & Saddle-Stitching – ideal for even the most involved multi-page project
  • Die Cutting – are you planning on having cut-outs or other unusual features to set your project apart?
  • Hole Punching  & Folders – we offer numerous types of folder in our office supplies range, and can accurately punch holes so that your documents fit inside
  • Drilling & Post Binding – precise drilling of holes through any kind of stationery
  • Tabs, Dividers, & Covers – perfect for partitioning any work according to subject
  • Sorting & Collating – don’t waste the time organising your large printed project yourself – we can take care of this for you
  • Creasing & Scoring – make sure that any folded items get a neat, precise fold
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Printing and Binding Services Australia wide

MBE’s printing and binding services are the all-in-one solution for getting your latest project printed and transformed into a book, booklet, presentation, magazine or brochure finished with a professional touch. It’s the easy way to turn your projects and documents into a professional statements. Whether it’s your latest catalogue, report or a need to make a real impression with your latest batch of marketing materials which drives you, MBE’s range of print finishing services lets you tailor the ideal outcome:

one streamlined process & Free Advice

There’s no need to go to multiple providers to get the expertise you need. The print specialists at your local MBE are trained to deliver top quality results from print to assembly. All you need to do is request your preferred binding options you want when you place your order and we’ll handle the rest.

Never used a binding service before? Or do you simply need to be sure that this time will be as successful as the last? Your local MBE Centre’s finishing experts will be pleased to advise and confirm the finish you can expect from your planned project at any time before printing.

Count on an impressively fast turnaround. You can have your latest project printed, bound – and ready to dispatch tomorrow morning. MBE provides one of the fastest turnarounds of any print and finishing service. We can even courier it directly to your office door, so you don’t need to take a moment out of your day.

Include dispatch to your mailing list. Once your project is finished, it’s ready to be sent anywhere you like straight from our centres. Provide a mailing list and we’ll use one of our partner courier services to get all of your freshly bound catalogues, magazines, books or brochures to where they need to go.

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Choose from a wide range of finishing options.

It’s not just straightforward printing and binding that we offer. Select from a huge range of high-quality finishing options – including laminating, stapling and saddle-stitching, die-cutting, sorting and collating, drilling and post binding and even custom requests.

MBE’s global network of locations ensures that you can always:

  • Create any impression – we offer a wide variety of high quality binding and laminating styles as well as other finishes.
  • Find local experts – meet with a print specialist in more than 2500+ MBE Business Centres around the world. There’s bound to be one close to you!
  • Meet any scale or volume requirements – have any size or scale of print run quickly and professionally completed with no fuss.

If you need to know more about using our printing and binding services, get in touch with us today. We’re on the line and here to help you. Plus, you can simply stroll into your local MBE at any time.

Laminating services ideal for any project

Our laminating services are a common addition when individuals and businesses use us to print and bind their latest projects. You can have us laminate documents of any kind. We regularly handle:

Add laminating to the finishing stage of your print project and you’ll still enjoy all of the benefits of using MBE:

  • Get all your printing and finishing under the same roof. Every MBE is your one-stop-shop for completing any of a huge range of printing projects.
  • Call in specialist design expertise. You’ll find all of the printing and finishing specialists you need inside your local MBE Business Centre.
  • Choose from a variety of different options. Do you want to create a specific impact with your laminated design? Select from a range of matte and gloss laminating options.
    Visit any of the more than 2500 MBE Business Centres around the world today and chat about the laminating services you need with the experts behind the counter.

Document binding services for any length of document

Whether it’s your multi-hundred-page annual report, your thesis or your next small advertising booklet which you need to have bound, our document binding services are flexible enough to handle them all.

The finishing specialists inside your local MBE Business Centre are used to binding documents of all scales and sizes – and in any volume. We offer a huge range of handy options when it comes to our binding services. You might want to take advantage of:

  • Covers, tabs and dividers – Ideal for creating your own unique partitioning system as well as getting a professionally-designed cover for your work when your project doesn’t include one.
  • Stapling and saddle-stitching – Two of the most popular and cost effective binding methods, great for fast turnarounds and a wide variety of project sizes.
  • Drilling and post binding – Another excellent technique for high-quality, sturdy binding for premium documents or menu holders & projects made to last.
  • Sorting and collating – Part of the binding process will always be the sometimes laborious sorting and collation of your project’s pages into order ready to be bound. For large projects with multiple copies, this service is a major time-saver!

Whatever document binding services your next project calls for, all you need to do is get in touch. The specialists behind the counter of your local MBE Business Centre can be reached online, by phone and in store.

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The Advantages of Our Laminating and Binding Services

  • A stunning variety of finishes perfect for creating any impression
  • Design expertise and finishing recommendations available for all projects
  • More than 2500+ MBE Business Centres across the globe, any of which you can walk into for personal advice
  • Swift turnaround on all projects
  • All scales and sizes of print run finished off with high quality laminating and binding services

Other Services You Might Be Looking For

When you’ve used our copying and printing services or just printed off your latest run of catalogues and manuals, that’s usually when our finishing options come into play. Whatever else you’ve used us for, we provide the one-stop solution for all of your business communication needs.

Make sure your latest project sends the right message – talk to MBE today!

Get Advice or Get Finishing!

Chat to the experts in your local MBE Business Centre and tell them about the finishing, laminating, and binding services you need. We have more than 2500+ of these centres located all over the world, so wherever you find yourself in need, head right in!

Binding & Lamination FAQs?

The hot lamination process involves a plastic sheet with a heat-activated adhesive on the inside. It is then placed over a printed paper and heated in a rolling create a seal. Cold lamination, however, is done through the use of adhesive plastic and may be offered in situations where heat would cause damage.

Most flat prints and paper items can be laminated. If your surface is over one metre in width, susceptible to heat or uneven it may not be suitable to laminate. Items that are taped together or have items mounted are NOT suitable for lamination. Legal documents (ie. Birth certificates, legal papers, etc.) should NOT be laminated as the lamination can void the legal status of the item. Despite popular belief, collectables (ie. Autographs, vintage posters, etc.) should NOT laminate as this will greatly decrease their value. These items should instead be professionally framed.

Laminating pouches create a complete seal that assists with waterproofing and longevity. Laminating film while not 100% sealed can create a more sturdy finish without noticeable plastic edges.

We offer a wide range of options including saddle-stitching (spine stapling), glue binding, corner stapling, wire or coil binding and drilling for binder folders.

Sometimes called continuous binding, this style of binding involves punching holes in the print and feeding a continual plastic spiral bind through the holes. This type of binding is very common in school notebooks.

Saddle stitching is one of the most popular, professional and affordable types of binding. It’s suitable for books with less than 100 pages (depending on paper stock) and is used in many magazines of frequent publications such as comic books. Saddle stitching is when a spread (two corresponding pages) are printed on one sheet and the sheet is then folded in half with the rest of the book and stapled twice along the spine. For this reason, only documents which have page counts in multiples of 4 (ie. 12, 16, 20, 24, etc) are able to be saddle-stitched. MBE can add blank additional pages as required. While this is a very cost-effective and popular binding method, it requires that the printing be done by MBE so that it’s set up properly. Please contact your local MBE for more details.

Depending on the wires in stock binding capacity normally goes up to around 200 sheets (400 pages when double-sided) of standard office paper. If your book is larger your centre may have alternate options.

In small quantities, many binding methods can be done as quickly as same day

Pouch laminating the most common form of lamination. It consists of a heat laminate which is sealed at one end and cut to a specific size (ie. A4, A3, etc). The user can put in a piece of paper and feed the pouch through a laminator sealed side first. The basic units are often used in offices, schools and restaurants for quick, lightweight lamination. For heavier, larger or more professional laminating options please contact your local MBE Centre.

Our centres have access to a range of laminating options. To make sure your item is suitable bring it in-store where our staff can recommend the method that will work best for you. Unfortunately, there may be some risk involved when laminating fragile items. We commonly recommend having your fragile or valuable item scanned and reproduced , then laminating the reproduction. Items that are taped together or have items mounted are NOT suitable for lamination. Despite popular belief, collectables (ie. Autographs, vintage posters, etc.) should NOT laminate as this will greatly decrease their value. These items should instead be professionally framed.

Absolutely, our centers stock a wide range of lamination options and can often custom trim difficult sizes.

Sometimes called wire binding, this style of binding involves punching holes in the print and setting a rounded wire much like you’d find in a notebook.

Comb bind in a type of plastic binding where an “O” or “C” shaped comb is used to bind the spine of the document. These binds are becoming less common over the more secure Coil or Spiral binding option.

Stock varies from store to store. Ask your local centre for their offerings.

We offer a protective clear cover when coil/wire or spiral binding. For a professional finish, many clients like to also request printing the first page of their document on extra-thick card stock

Depending on the method, you can bind anywhere from 4 pages to 500 pages.