Benefits of Using Overnight Delivery for Your Business

What Is A Freight Forwarder?

What is a freight forwarder? Freight forwarder meaning is that of a person or company that organises shipments to get from the origin (the manufacturer) to a final point of destination. Basically, a freight forwarder will provide support services to the transport industries, stock consolidation, customs and freight brokerage, and goods and cargo handling. Freight forwarding is the optimisation of the transportation of goods using multiple modes to get your goods delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. Services such as maintenance and repair, passenger transport, and tourism activities don’t come under the responsibility of a freight forwarder. Read on...

What Makes A Good Poster?

A poster is basically a large printed picture designed to be eye-catching and informative. The primary principle of a poster is communication. Because of their ability to make a visual statement, posters continue to be a hugely popular media format. This effective marketing strategy can often convert viewers into buyers. What makes a good poster? Read on to find out more… Continue Reading

How Long Is Standard Shipping?

Standard shipping is defined as the average shipping service. This means it falls between speedy overnight shipping that’s expensive and slower tracking mail options. It typically comes with a reasonable delivery time – and a tracking system that allows you to see where the package is during the journey, and when it’s been delivered. Depending on your location standard shipping times will vary. Regular delivery times generally range from two to eight days. How long is standard shipping where you are? Read on to find out more… Continue Reading

What Is Large Format Printing?

What is large format printing? This is usually considered to be the printing process for projects that require specialist printing equipment. This can enable the production of various materials that measure above 457mm and up to 2540mm in size. Often referred to as wide format printing this type of printing has many uses and the majority of businesses opt for this style for promotional purposes. One of the benefits is that these large pieces let graphics come to life – ensuring a company message really stands out. Large format digital printing was developed at the end of the last century...

What Is Shipping Insurance?

What is insurance? Insurance is an arrangement with a company who agrees to provide compensation for damage or loss of goods in transit in return for the payment of a specified premium. This contract is bought to protect against losing money as if things go wrong the insurance company will pay the money back. What is shipping insurance? Read on to find out more… Continue Reading

What Is Business Stationery?

What is business stationery? The term business stationery covers all papers that your company uses to communicate with your clients. This includes letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and with compliment slips to name but a few. Business stationery can also comprise of notepads, presentation folders and company brochures. Want to know how to achieve the most professional finish for your business stationery that depicts your company image and attracts new customers? Read on… Continue Reading

What Is The Difference Between A Lithograph And A Print?

What is a lithograph? This frequently asked question can be answered with it’s basically a type of print process. It originates from the Greek of lithos meaning stones, and graphien meaning to write. Lithograph meaning is a printmaking process done by stone and metal. Lithography is unique as it closely resembles a painting. What is print? Print meaning is a work of graphic art which has been produced by a process which allows multiplication – normally on paper – done by the printing machine. The print is simply a drawing which can be copied many times. What is the difference...

What Is Sea Freight?

What is sea freight? Sea freight is defined as a method of transporting large amounts of goods using carrier ships – where cargo is packed into containers and loaded onto the vessel. Freight is simply the general term for goods transported from one place to another by any means. Sea freight is that transportation via the ocean. A typical cargo ship can carry approximately 18,000 containers making it an extremely cost-effective way to move high quantities of goods over large distances. Find out more about sea freight services here… Continue Reading

What Australian Gifts To Send Overseas?

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas – all special occasions that often require a present. If you live in Australia, you’ll want to find great Australian gifts to send overseas that are easy to wrap and pack. Gift ideas for overseas relatives can come in the form of hampers and baskets, jewellery, mugs, and a whole host of Australian souvenirs. See what Australian gifts to send overseas here… Continue Reading