Direct Mail Campaign

Promote Your Business To Local Communities!

We can help you design, print and deliver to any location in Australia.

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Direct Mail Is One Of The Most Cost-Effective Means Of Advertising.

Choose a medium with less clutter, and your brand stands out easier. The MBE team can help you design, print and deliver your next marketing campaign directly to your target market. Whether you target a residential area or an industrial area, we can help you get your promotion to your customers faster. With 40 stores across Australia, we can quickly help you manage a national campaign.

Here are some excellent Direct Mail ideas for your business:
  • Create a discount coupon to incentivise new customers

  • Send a ‘Happy New Year’ or ‘Welcome back to the new business year’ postcard for brand awareness

  • Send your customers a to-do-list branded notepad; it’s always handy in the kitchen or desk

  • Fridge magnets are always a winner, especially if there are some valuable tips on it

  • The good old letter never dates, and it is taken seriously

  • Promotional giveaway and competition notice give a reason to interact with your brand

  • School planners is a way to show your community you care

  • Create a booklet with all your product offers so your customers have this to browse through

Depending on your target market, you can always create an eye-catching direct mail campaign to bring more awareness to your brand and services. This is a great way to advertise for any local business, from restaurants to real estate agents. This year, let’s make business happen.

56% Of Consumers Think Print Marketing Is the Most Trustworthy Of All Marketing Channels.

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