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Perth virtual address

Are you constantly concerned about the growing costs of rent, utilities and overheads that come with maintaining an office? You’re not alone, and it’s part of the reason so many businesses in Perth are choosing a virtual address.

At MBE West Perth we offer real street addresses that your business can use virtually. Letting you run your business from anywhere, with all the benefits of a unique, credible, physical address.

Virtual addresses are a flexible solution that comes with a wide range of advantages for Perth businesses in every size and sector.

Why get a Perth virtual address?

  • Cost-efficiency. One of the most compelling reasons to go virtual is the cost savings. If you can no longer justify the costs of running and working out of a physical space, virtual addresses come at just a fraction of the cost.
  • Enhanced image. A virtual address can raise your profile, lending credibility and legitimacy to your business. Add it to your business cards, website, socials, business listings and more.
  • Keep your home address confidential when running a home-based business. It’s a way to make sure you keep your details private from your customers and off the public record.
  • Want to work from home? Always on the road? Maybe from a villa in Bali? Operate your business from literally anywhere and maintain a stable fixed address.


  • Global reach. Take the opportunity to establish a presence in different markets without a significant investment.


  • Legal compliance. Meet registration requirements by having a physical address. Remember, a business address is all you need to run your business!

Get a mailbox with your address

Want to rent a mailbox that you can access virtually? Ideal for private or business use, our MBE mailboxes come with a real Perth street virtual address and have a range of benefits such as being accessible 24/7.

Our mailboxes offer the convenience of a physical location where your mail is safely received and handled. When you want your mail forwarded to you, printed, or copied, just ask. Of course, you can also visit MBE West Perth and pick it up at a time that suits you.

Reasons to consider a virtual address and mailbox

Wondering if a virtual mailbox is right for you? It depends on your specific personal and business needs. Here are some scenarios where a virtual mailbox might be a good fit, to see if any apply to you.

For personal use:

  • Frequent travel: If you travel often and don’t have a fixed residence, a virtual mailbox can help you manage your postal mail from anywhere in the world.
  • Privacy concerns: If you value your privacy and don’t want to disclose your home address, a virtual mailbox provides an alternative address for receiving mail.


  • Convenience: Maybe you’re simply too busy to pick up mail in person or prefer viewing it online. It’s much easier to access mail digitally.

For business use:

  • Professional image: Some customers might be less likely to trust your business if there’s no address listed, while others feel reassured when there’s a non-residential address to reinforce the legitimacy of the business.
  • Cost savings: Switching to hybrid work and no longer needing all that office space? Making the transition to remote is a lot easier with a Perth virtual address that can maintain your credibility while saving you considerable money.
  • Flexibility: Similarly, if you have a remote or distributed team, a virtual mailbox provides a centralised location for business correspondence.

We offer a range of mailbox services to suit all kinds of needs, from premium virtual street addresses to physical post and PO boxes. 

If you’re not sure what you need, we’ve provided virtual addresses to all kinds of Perth businesses and can advise on the best solution for your specific situation.

For a Perth virtual address you can depend on, come to MBE West Perth

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