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Relocating, doing business, and shipping from Australia to New Zealand has never been easier. Rely on an expert to compare and arrange the best deal from an epic range of partner international couriers. We’ll make sure your package arrives in a timely fashion while sticking well within your budget…

Overnight and Same Day Shipping

Because of the wide array of partner courier services that we work with, we’ll always be able to get your items moving quickly if time of arrival is one of your major concerns. Talk to us about the options we have for air freight.

Get Us to Pack and Deliver Your Items

To ensure absolute safety during transport, we offer a complete packing service to enable you to get your shipment packaged by a logistics expert. We have access to the sturdy materials needed to safely wrap even the heaviest or most awkward items.

Moving House, Excess Baggage, Business Goods...

There’s no type of consignment that we can’t arrange safe and reliable Australia-NZ shipping for. We can help you relocate between countries, get excess holiday baggage home safely, and we already partner with both local and international businesses, providing secure freight shipping.

Take Advantage of Other Courier Services

Choose an option suited to a smaller package with our international courier services, or give us a call now if you need to find out more about how we’ll make your freight shipment from Australia to New Zealand your easiest one yet.

Why Use Us For Shipping Between Australia and New Zealand?

  • Dozens of different partner carriers, enabling us to always get you the most cost-effective deal.
  • Optional item tracking or guaranteed delivery times.
  • No limits on the size or weight of the items you can send.
  • Over 30+ local MBE Business Centres where you can speak to a logistics professional in person.
  • Insurance protection for your consignment throughout the time it’s in transit.
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