What Online shoppers really want from their courier

As 65% of all online sales transactions are abandoned at the shipping stage, online e-tailers are constantly looking for shipping and packaging incentives to minimize cart abandonment.

Enter MBE to save the sale!

We do this through the following smarts:

Door to door all-inclusive rates: Regardless of whether the package needs to get across town, across the country or around the world, we provide pre-negotiated, competitive rates for every weight break. Armed with these rates, the online seller can then factor in shipping into their final sale price. This helps minimize the surprise factor and increase sales.

Choice of carriers = multiple shipping options: Thanks to our corporate deals with almost every iconic carrier, we offer our customers a range of services at various price points. This in turn helps them give their customers to choose an Express or Deferred service, thus keeping the price point always affordable.

Reliability = Peace of mind: As we partner with fully fledged carriers that offer real-time tracking and digital proof of delivery, our online customers can rest easy in the fact that once the sale has been completed the delivery will get to their eager online buyer on time, intact and with no surprises.

Free shipping = More orders: It is a fact that every time an online seller offers free shipping, their sales skyrocket. While we cannot obviously offer free shipping, we provide our customers with packaging, drop off, pick up and other intelligence, that enables them to reduce their shipping overheads.