What Is Standard Poster Size In Australia?

Standard Poster Size in Australia

A business poster is designed to be easily visible – targeting specific locations to increase brand perception. And encouraging an active response from the audience you want to reach. Continuous exposure creating a quick impression especially in high-traffic areas where most people are likely to see them is the key.

Memorable motifs and texts that attract attention alongside a clearly structured message, on the right sized poster are paramount. So, what is standard poster size in Australia? Read on…

Popular Business Poster Sizes

The table below provides ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) A series poster sizes A3, A2, A1, and A0 – the standard poster size for poster printing in Australia. Small posters are generally printed on A Series paper sizes whilst Billboard paper sizes are used for larger posters for advertisements – and these are often in landscape format.

What Is Standard Poster Size In Australia?

SizeWidth x Height in mmWidth x Height in inches
A3297mm x 420mm11.7 in x 16.5in
A2420mm x 594mm16.5in x 23.4in
A1594mm x 841mm23.4in x 33.1in
A0841mm x 1189mm33.1in x 46.8in

Poster sizes in Australia for Movie Posters are as shown below:
SizeWidth x Height in mmWidth x Height in inches
Lobby Card279.4mm x 355.6mm11 x 14in
Daybill660.4mm x 762mm26 x 30 in
One Sheet685.8mm x 1016mm27 x 40in
Three Sheet1041.4mm x 2057.4mm41 x 81in

The History of Australian Movie Poster Format Sizes

Lobby Card posters were originally printed in sets of eight on card stock paper for display in the lobbies of theatres. The Title Lobby card showed the poster artwork and production credits, with the other seven cards being scenes from the film. Popular sizes of these cards were 27.94cm x 35.56cm.

Australia is most famous for its Daybill format – originally this poster size in cm was 38.1cm x 101.6cm during pre-war times – with two long posters produced from one sheet.

With the advent of the Second World War, the Daybill was reduced in size to 25.4cm x 76.2cm. This reduction led to four Daybills being cut from a single sheet of paper – using less paper when there was a shortage.

Post-war size of the Daybill was 33.0cm x 76.2cm with three Daybills cut from a single sheet. In the 1980s the Daybill was reduced again to 33.0cm x 66.0cm.

Australian One-sheet posters followed a global march being originally made for US movies from the 1920s to the 1950s. The typical size of these posters was 68cm x 100cm post-1985. These posters printed on paper stock were issued to cinemas rolled – with a few exceptions where they were folded. Film posters were displayed inside and outside of movie theatres and elsewhere in the street, or in shops.

Australian Three-sheet options are formed from three one-sheets, stacked one upon the other. A standard poster size is 101.6cm x 205.7cm. This poster is normally approximately three times the size of the most commonly used poster – hence the term.

The Benefits of Posters

Large format printing commands attention and is the perfect way to get potential customers interested in your business. Poster size prints will provide eye-catching material on a grand scale to make your business stand out from the competition. Posters have proven to be an extremely effective way to promote business products and services.

At busy trade shows or industry exhibitions, posters let you colourfully display your company logo, key messages, and fantastic graphics. Portable posters offer that added bonus of flexibility as you can move them around to gain the best vantage points.

Potential customers looking at your posters are actively engaging – and being encouraged to take action such as visiting your website or business premises, contacting you by phone or email, or simply redeeming a special advertised offer.

You can select a strategic location to target your specialist market with posters that make your business the centre of attention. Large posters will clearly display your message – and have the ability to stay in the mind creating brand awareness.

And unlike other forms of promotion, posters can reach exactly the type of people you need to be appealing to. The versatility of different-sized posters makes them the ideal form of promotion.

All-in-one Australian Printing Services

Using a trusted locally owned in-house printing service guarantees poster printing carried out to the highest standard – using high-quality inks and the correct weight of paper. You’ll get a fast response time making your poster project easy and friendly.

And your poster will be custom cut to almost any size. Most large format printers can accommodate prints up to one metre wide and any length. Wider than that and a print will be sent away to be done on what’s called a flatbed printer. Your MBE Business Centre will use the latest in digital printing technology to ensure the dimensions of the poster you need are the ones you’ll get!