What Is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited Shipping From Australia

Shipping of goods is available in many options such as priority, standard, express, same-day, and next-day. And then there’s another alternative – expedited shipping. This method of delivery is defined as any means of getting an order to a customer that’s faster than other shipping methods.

What is expedited shipping? Read on…

The Significance of Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping meaning relates to a package being delivered faster than normal. This shipping option varies between companies and carriers. Delivery methods will depend on customer locations, logistics, and strategy.

Bear in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean that this shipping method is the fastest – simply that goods will be delivered more quickly than basic sending options. So, the question of what does expedited shipping mean is answered by stating that this is a delivery or shipping method that guarantees faster options than standard shipping methods.

Expedited shipments move directly from pickup to delivery, and to fast-track the process trucks carrying expedited goods rarely stop – often with two drivers working in shifts to lessen the transit time.

Finding out about duties and taxes

The average expedited shipping time is typically two to three days. To ensure you get the most streamlined delivery you should:

  • Use an online freight service provider to get the most competitive and best rates for your individual needs
  • Make sure the carrier you use lets you track your shipment so that you can be aware of any problems that may occur during transit
  • Understand your shipping options with confirmation of the transport methods

Companies Offering Expedited Shipping

Shipping expedited orders can be costly but many companies will keep shipping both fast and affordable by:

  • Requesting a minimum spend threshold
  • Distributing goods to multiple centres ensuring the distance travelled to destinations is lessened
  • Outsourcing shipping so that expedited orders are given priority and bypass standard shipping
  • Determining the best central locations for warehouse logistics

Expedited shipping times

Expedited shipping time will ensure that orders are processed quickly – normally within two to three days. Following this, an email will be sent to you with tracking information to the address linked to your order. This will be accurate and up to date.

Depending on the logistics your order will normally be delivered within the stated one to three days.

Comparing expedited delivery with standard delivery shows:

  • Standard delivery is usually the cheapest shipping option
  • Delivery times are often between three and seven business days
  • Expedited delivery is more costly
  • Expedited delivery alternatives offer next-day or two-day options

When Expedited Shipping is a Viable Option

If goods need to be urgently delivered expedited delivery is worth the extra cost. This guarantees less handling, a greater speed, real-time delivery updates, and additional security. Being able to track your goods at any given time also gives you complete peace of mind.

Examples of goods that need to be delivered within a strict time frame include medical supplies and tools, replenishment of materials to meet a manufacturing deadline, and spare parts required to repair critical machinery.

The expedited shipping process is composed of three categories:

  • Same-day deliveries
  • Next day deliveries
  • International delivery services

Expedited Delivery Costs

The cost of expedited delivery depends on the carrier, the destination, seasonality, and the dimensional and package weight. You can reduce these costs by simply:

  • Comparing expedited shipping options to make sure you choose the one that best suits your budget and your timeline
  • Comparing express delivery carriers by reading reviews and getting multiple quotes before making your final decision
  • Real-time quotes are typically calculated by the size and weight of the parcel, departing and destination addresses, with optional tracking and insurance options
  • Selecting expedited shipping services that give you the best value for money

International Expedited Delivery

Expedited International shipping arranged by MBE –a trusted, well-known brand with a reputation for being lightning-fast and reliable – will ship your goods to and from almost any destination in the world. Partners with shipping companies specialising in transport and international couriers that provide the best deals will give you the best value for money.

MBE can’t calculate the exact period of the expedited shipping time because this may vary depending on logistics and the shipping company used. However, there’s no limit on item size or weight, no risk as all items shipped internationally are fully insured, and you’ll always get the most suitable service for your needs.