What Is An Overnight Courier?

man carrying boxes for shipping

What is an overnight courier? As the name implies this is a delivery service, sometimes referred to as next-day delivery, that takes place overnight. Parcels are collected during a business day and travel to the destination city during the night with delivery taking place the following day.

This overnight delivery services are ideally suited for people who need to ship items as quickly as possible domestically. Delivery options depend on how early you book your parcel and due to the COVID-19 pandemic may vary slightly from their estimated delivery window in some areas.

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Overnight Delivery Stages

The first step is to determine which delivery service meets your needs. Even among overnight deliveries you will often have different options available that offer differing costs, travel methods and level of insurance. Once that decision has been made you can find out what time you’ll need to have your shipment ready for pickup and decide if you need your parcel delivered by a particular time on the following day.

Once your package has been picked up (or you’ve dropped it off) a process of sorting begins. This is based on the size of the package, the location, and the service you’ve selected. A barcode is applied to your package so that each stage of the delivery it can be scanned. This enables you to access tracking data – and is also an extra security measure that allows for a quick recovery if there’s any kind of mix up.

Overnight Delivery Methods

As a general rule if your package is going to be traveling more than 200 kms it’ll go by air. Less than this and it may go by truck. Most of this process is done by machine – deciding the fastest and best way to get your package delivered by plane, train, or road.

Once the package has arrived at the city location the label will be scanned – and a delivery driver chosen to complete the journey to the final destination.

Overnight Shipping Costs

Several factors will affect the cost of the overnight delivery service and these include:

Package weight – weight can significantly influence the price – the heavier the package the more expensive it’ll be to ship.

Package dimensions – these are also taken into account to estimate the cost – the dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height of the package then that volume measurement will be used to estimate cost. If your package is oversized in a particular dimension, for example very long and skinny, it may require special manual handling and incur an additional fee.

Delivery time frame – you pay more for faster delivery – an overnight express courier is one of the fastest forms of shipping with then parcel leaving the warehouse or pick-up site as soon as possible. The earlier in the day you book your parcel the more options you’s have available to you but often you’ll have the option to have a parcel arrive not only the next day but at a particular time in the morning.

Shipping zones – the further the distance between the point of origin a destination the greater the price – calculated on where the order is shipped from. The higher the shipping zone the more expensive a package will be to ship.

Shipping agreements – discounts may be offered for regular use of service – having a business account with a carrier or having high shipping volumes.

Overnight Couriers in Australia

Using an overnight courier service in Australia, such as MBE, has many benefits including fast shipping to any destination. Overnight courier services from major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane can be booked easily, and the right courier company will be chosen for you. Your delivery will be matched to your requirements such a time, budget, and destination, to ensure you pay the most cost-effective rate.

An overnight courier within Australia will typically include:

  • Item tracking
  • An optional packing service if you need to send awkward or fragile items
  • Complete insurance protection for every item while in transit (Consult with your shipping team member to ensure the insurance is appropriate for your item)
  • Friendly experts available to chat to at your local MBE business centre
  • Free quotes for your overnight delivery in Australia accessible by phone
  • Guaranteed delivery options (the COVID-19 pandemic may affect the accuracy of delivery times at the moment)

Overnight Couriers Overseas

From Australia despite our far location select international overnight or premium-express services are often available to our most popular destinations. We recommend getting in touch with an MBE shipping expert as soon as possible to ensure an accurate delivery estimate and a smooth customs experience!