What Is A Newsletter?

woman reading a newsletter

What is a newsletter? A newsletter is a printed report that contains news related to the activities of an organisation or a business – and distributed to employees, customers, or members who would find it of interest.

Today newsletter marketing is used by companies to send information directly to customers, both existing and potential, and is popular as a form of direct-to-consumer advertising. A business newsletter can be used by organisations to inform their membership of any ongoing developments & offers and strengthen their familiarity with a brand. Find out more about the newsletter meaning here…

Early Days

In ancient Rome, newsletters were exchanged between officials who were in charge of public work or duties. During the Middle Ages, they were swapped between merchant traders with subjects covering the availability and price of goods, and any other events that may influence trade.

In 1609 the first full newsletter was printed by Johann Carolus, and by the end of the 17th-century newsletters were established across Europe with many being translated into different languages.

Print newsletters are becoming used with even greater frequency according to recent reports, as they’re concise and targeted, and provide a special appeal. Print newsletters are enjoyed by consumers who like getting mail about new products and are often preferred to email options. More attention is paid to this postal mail and it was also found to produce an emotional boost.

Advantages of Print Newsletters for Marketing

A company newsletter should be sent within a consistent frequency. This ensures customers will expect to receive material at a particular time. Newsletters are a great channel for:

  • Providing information in advance for product launches, events, and promotions
  • Grabbing attention with substantive and credible text
  • Nurturing customers, members, and potential clients
  • Building brand identity, loyalty, and trust
  • Offering a better customer experience by informing customers about new products and services
  • Celebrating the overall brand message with a consistent newsletter design
  • Engaging readers and adding to further enjoyment

Strategies that Sell

Providing high-quality information relevant to your customers is a positive way to increase long-term sales. Print newsletters are one of the most effective resources to keep your brand and products in mind – and help to build relationships with existing clients.

The right content can improve the number of purchases per customer, lifting ongoing customer value. Mailing a monthly newsletter, for example, can ensure you stay connected, and use your editorial expertise to stimulate direct action.

If you publish quality content your newsletter could be of value to other businesses, who you could then use as distributors for your same target audiences. And you can hand out newsletters at trade shows, seminars, and other events to widen your customer base.

Mail your newsletter to your entire customer base – including potential customers who have never bought from you before. Make sure they can easily opt-out if they don’t want to receive any further copies!

Content Criteria

Customers will recognise that you’re spending time and money in providing them with information, and expressing appreciation for their business. And almost 80% of consumers actually read print newsletters. They’re a great way of featuring meaningful profiles on human interest stories, new and unusual information, and useful tips.

Newsletter content should ideally contain some of the following ideas:

  • Personal content establishing who you are as a company and featuring employee spotlights
  • Success stories and case studies that show the effectiveness of your products and services
  • Answering frequently asked questions about your brand and services provided
  • Promotions of free subscriptions to your newsletter to generate leads
  • Profiling members of staff and including hobbies, interests, and personal achievements
  • Being helpful by letting customers know of upcoming sales and how to connect with you online
  • Share up-to-date industry news, product reviews, and hints and tips with your own personal views
  • Build your community by sharing your company’s journey to include partnerships, endeavours, and awards

Design and Formats

Selecting the layout of your newsletter is as important as the choice of content. Try investing in calm colours, carefully picked images, and complementary text. The content offered should always be relevant and of quality. If you’re dealing with a large variety of themes consider highlighting features to promote and separate them.

Keep introductions and summaries together and show links to available online content. Using simple layouts produces the best results for your business becoming a reference as an ongoing source of information.

Using lighter weight paper saves money but won’t detract from the overall image. Uncoated options are ideal if you don’t have a lot of colour or photos as they don’t take anything away from the look and performance of the newsletter.

Consulting a Printer

Professional newsletter printing will be offered by trusted specialists such as MBE. You’ll get help with an attractive, informative design, full-colour commercial printing with a vast range of materials and finishing options to choose from, and a periodic newsletter that keeps your customers informed about everything that’s happening in your business.