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How to prepare for your next trade show, expo or conference.

Coordinating booth design, layout, printing, and displays can be stressful especially if you are doing it for the first time.

MBE works with Australian and international companies to help them design, print and ship all of their marketing materials, display fitout and promotional materials for their trade show and events. When it comes to preparing for any business event, it is important to plan well in advance and work closely with various stakeholders to ensure that all the boxes are ticked before the show begins.

What are the key marketing materials for a trade show or conference?

The main goal of your marketing materials for a trade show is to stand out and look bigger than your competition. Getting attention and attracting show attendees is what will make the show or expo a successful marketing event. The more attractive and intriguing your booth design and banners look, the easier it will be to convert your prospects. By ensuring the following marketing essentials are covered, you are setting your show up for success!

Here are some interesting marketing ideas for trade shows:

    1. Striking banner displays
      When it comes to trade show banners, bigger is always better! Banners are ideal to showcase your brand in a creative way. Full-size banners can be used to advertise life-size products and advertisements that will entice passers-by. Opting for bold designs, vibrant colours and attention-grabbing headlines for your banner designs is what you need to attract viewers even more at your next trade show.
    2. New brochures
      Don’t just use an existing brochure, design a customised brochure just for your new trade show or business event. Small brochures are the perfect way to give the audience more information about your products and services. It is easy to design new brochures giving away a teaser about your products, highlighting a show special promo or highlighting your main point of difference in the market. Don’t let the opportunity to close a sale, ensure your trade show brochure has valuable information for your prospective clients.

    3. Product Fact Sheets
      A fact sheet is an easy way to share advice, industry tips and valuable information with your audience. Product sheets are commonly used at trade shows to facilitate the sales conversation. Often at trade shows, new and inexperienced staff are brought in to help, having face sheets with FAQ is helpful to get everyone up to date fast and ensure the customers get the information they need to decide fast.
    4. Leads capture form and sales quotes.
      Thinking about how you can capture your leads at the show is critical if you want to maximise your return on investment. Nowadays most of the forms are online through a tablet but the good old voucher entry can also be an option to be different to your competitors. Keep the forms short and make them fun and interesting. Also keeping the forms simple is important as people are always in a hurry at trade shows.
    5. Branded note pads and gifts
      Branded notepads are always handy at a show as people are travelling and need to take notes. However, giving away a high-quality small notepad or even a hardcover pocket diary is a way to ensure they don’t leave it behind when they fly back. Quality is always valued by the show audience and let’s face it they come to the show to collect information and gifts. Make it worth their while and ensure your brand leaves a lasting impression with some hard cover pads, embossed printing or even varnish high-quality finish on the pad cover.
    6. DL postcards, A5 Cards and Gift Vouchers
      Postcards are ideal to help showcase your offer and brand value at a trade show. Can you create an A5 Card with all the information they need about your product offer? If yes, that means your marketing is on point! Get creative with your card and let them take away all you have to offer in a simple double-sided postcard to avoid cumbersome brochures. People respect concise and clear information.
    7. Business Cards
      Ditch the boring business cards and create a series of eye-catching and memorable cards just for the show. With MBE digital printing services, we can easily print small quantities of business cards for all of the staff attending the trade show. Talk to us and we can help you design, and print and we will also deliver them directly to the trade show, so you don’t have to carry them on the plane with you.
    8. Branded show bags
      People love gifts and show bags are the best part of every trade show. Create a bag that people will use in the future when they go shopping, make it colourful and fun so they don’t just throw it away. Creative branded bags are perfect for long-term brand awareness and recognition! A little bit more investment can go a long way. MBE can help you brand a variety of bags and other items.

Create the best show of your career with MBE printing services. Here is a complimentary trade show planning checklist for you to not miss a thing.