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Booklets printing

Want to present a lot of information in a neat, engaging package? MBE West End offers full-service printing of booklets and books, to suit the specific needs of your business.

Booklets are unique in that they can pair detailed information with creative visual designs and include compelling copy, images, and data. They’re used for businesses and organisations in every niche, from quarterly reports to employee handbooks, proposals and health and safety documentation.

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Types of booklet binding

A booklet is a booklet (and not a brochure) because it has pages that are bound together. There are various types of booklet binding depending on the use and aesthetics you want it to have. Here are the main three:

Saddle stitch binding uses staples on the spine, ideal for smaller booklets because it can be laid flat and looks clean.

Wire-o or spiral binding involves a wire binding that allows the booklet to lay flat when opened, making for easy reading and navigation. This is often used for manuals.

Perfect bound booklets have a seamless square glue bind. It’s a professional and sophisticated look.

Applications for booklet printing

Offering professional booklets printing that looks like they’ve come straight from the publisher, MBE West End has worked with a wide range of businesses to print and deliver the perfect product. These include:

  • Invoice and receipt books: Making it easy for you to maintain a detailed record of transactions in a neatly designed booklet format.
  • Yearbooks: Capture the spirit of the year with vibrant photographs and memorable events chronicled in a yearbook.
  • Training manuals: Provide detailed training content organised efficiently, and ensure your team has all the resources they need.
  • Menus: Restaurants with a story to tell or a comprehensive menu can showcase their culinary journey through a beautiful booklet.
  • Document printing: Be it a report or research findings, booklet printing gives you the opportunity to present information professionally.

These are just a few of the many applications for printing booklets. From theatre programs to onboarding documentation, we’ve done it all. 

Booklet design tips

Given the amount of information a booklet needs to convey, the design process can be involved. When planning yours, prioritise consistency — that is, the same fonts, font sizes, colours, style of imagery. The quality of your images will make a big difference, and ensuring they’re high resolution is a requirement for a professional finish.

Always remember the importance of white space. It gives the information and the layout room to breathe, and by not crowding things, becomes easier to read. There should be a balance between text and visuals, but this will depend on the objective of the book and its messaging.

And don’t forget your gutter and bleed areas, because any elements in these can be obscured or cut off during the printing and binding process.

You’re welcome to enlist our professional design team to help. They can assist with creating your booklet from start to finish and will ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the end product.

Professional booklets printing

At MBE West End, we focus on quality to ensure your booklet looks better, for longer. It’s the premium appearance and feel you can only get from the latest printing technology and a team of experts who have been printing booklets for years.

Our team will bring every detail to life, from vibrant colours to crucial text, and we’ll work with you on every aspect of customisation, including the type of binding, the cover, the paper finish, and more. With a super fast turnaround and a team of couriers, we can even deliver your booklet exactly where you need it to go.

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