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With MBE your next yearbook project is not as hard as it seems!

We can help you plan, design and print so you can get this yearbook done in time.

Designing and printing school yearbooks are easy with MBE

At MBE, we have a team of designers ready to help plan the rights layout, determine the required content and decide on the right finish, laminate and binding for your next yearbook project. Don’t stress about it come to see our team to get your yearbook printing project underway.

Here are a few things to consider when planning a school yearbook:

  • Start compiling photos and articles from the first term of school year.

  • Create a style guide. Keep it simple. Choose a font and design a paragraph style for headers, paragraphs, dot points, captions that is reflective of your brand or school logo.

  • Form a yearbook committee. Include students as well in the group to make decisions and ensure they have input in the design.

  • Set a yearbook project plan with key dates marked throughout the year.

  • Choose when your school yearbook should be printed. Best to check with us how long your print job will take so you can be sure to have your books on time. Let us know when you need to distribute the books so we can help you make your deadline.

  • Collect photos from teachers, parents and students. Parents like to see lots of photos. And they want them to be diverse, so you will want to be collecting photos from a number of different people. To ensure photos do not diminish in size due to sending, therefore affecting the quality, you must ensure a system is in place for collecting photos. We suggest using file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Include some special occasion images such as Special Awards, official school events, Graduating Class group photos and feature section. 

  • Local Business Ads and Parent ads. Getting some local advertisers in the yearbook is a great way to raise funds for the cost of the book itself. Many parents and local business owners would be more than happy to support the yearbook.

  • Add a Motivational Quotes Page Quotes are a great way to motivate the students and inspire them.
  • Autograph Pages are a way to personalise the yearbook even more.
  • Artwork cover. Why not have an artwork competition with the students and use the winner on the cover of the book?
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