How a postal address can help you scale your business.

Whether we like it or not, and while it may be slowly changing, there often remains a stigma attached to running a business from home – or from a less-than-ideal location – and this can hold back your growing enterprise.

Some of the beliefs people hold about a business without a separate premises, or a premises not in a prestigious business zone, include that:

  • the outfit is not successful enough to have an office (and therefore not trustworthy)
  • there’s a lack of professionalism or seriousness about the venture; and
  • there may be quality issues due to employees being less connected

In the digital age, not having a street address on your website can also cost your business sales because your organisation is less likely to show up when customers are searching online for local services and products.

At MBE, we have paved the way for companies of all sizes to be able to afford a premium street address, not just a PO Box, in order to help businesses succeed.

Boost confidence with a street address

Having a physical street address or postal address can benefit your business by:

  • Boosting credibility & sales

Having a street address on your marketing materials and website gives the impression your business has a physical office space, and therefore, larger and more established, providing customers and clients with a higher level of confidence.

In essence, in an era where people can be skeptical, it helps legitimise your business.

It also adds credibility, especially when the address is based in a prime business location associated with successful companies, which can help clinch more sales and customers.

  • Ensuring your privacy.

When you’re working from home and embracing a flexible, more affordable working life, you may not wish to place your residential address on your website and other marketing materials, to retain your privacy.

However, when registering a business name, businesses are required to provide an Australian address where mail can be sent. An MBE street address can be used to register your business name because we can take delivery of all your mail.

You must also provide a principal place of business street address and post office boxes are not acceptable. The addresses you provide are displayed on the Business Names Register, potentially impacting your privacy (for sole traders working from home, the suburb, postcode and state or territory will be displayed).

MBE’s convenient and private real street addresses are available from our mailbox locations in premium business hubs in major cities.

Need virtual office services? Our digital mailboxes not only enable you to display a street address on your business documents and website, they also offer the opportunity for us to handle your mail for you. We can arrange real time mail notification services and mail handling (scanning, forwarding, shredding etc) at the touch of a button.

A postal address help customers find you

Not having an address on your website and social media pages can be costly when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO).

How does it work? When a potential customer searches for local products and services like yours near them or in a particular location that you can sell to but you don’t have a location listed on your site, your business is unlikely to show up in the results when people are searching on Google, or any other search engine.

So, if you want to sell to clients in Sydney, having a Sydney postal or street address on your website is crucial. The same applies if you’re targeting people in Bunbury, Brisbane or Ballarat!

Building your brand is not just about having a great offering – it’s about ensuring those who want what you have, know you exist.

Having an address also helps you build your free Google Business Profile and ensures you can list your business in local, online and physical directories.

Mailboxes deliver work-life flexibility

MBE’s digital mailboxes offer a virtual office service for your mail, giving you the flexibility to move around whilst you work, knowing your mail is being handled professionally and promptly.

Our digital mailboxes provide your company with access to a premium office street address where your mail can be sent and then processed by the MBE team, to help you stay across important communications while you work and live anywhere you like. Our app also allows for instant mail notification and lets you tell us how you want your mail dealt with.

This service also allows you to use the address online, and on brochures, business cards and other printed marketing materials so it’s the ultimate virtual office solution.

MBE: premium postal addresses made easy

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