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Booklet printing Parramatta

Do you need to present a lot of information in a way that’s engaging? Booklet printing is your answer. At MBE Parramatta we’ve helped countless businesses print booklets for all kinds of purposes, from onboarding packs to internal policies to tangible, eye-catching proposals.

Unlike a multi-page brochure, which is usually folded, booklets are bound in a variety of different ways. You might also refer to them as book printing. The important thing is that it’s lightweight, easy to read, and more compelling than anything digital – because your customers and employees can hold it in their hands.

Types of booklets

The main difference between the different types of booklets is the binding method. The one you choose will largely depend on your budget, application and desired aesthetic.

Saddle-stitched booklets are created by folding and stapling sheets of paper down the centre. Also known as saddle-stapled books, they’re durable and easy to make, so they’re a popular option for catalogues, brochures, and newsletters.

  • Advantages: Cost-effective, ideal for short-runs, works with various paper types.

Perfect-bound booklets are made by glueing the pages to a spine, resulting in a professional, polished look. No wires or coils here. The adhesive is strong, and the seamless appearance makes our Parramatta-based perfect bound booklet printing popular for books, magazines, and manuals.

  • Advantages: High-quality, excellent presentation, more affordable than a hardcover book, strong spine.

Wire-bound booklets, or wire-o booklets, as you might guess, are created by binding the pages together with wire spirals or coils. These types of booklets are durable and easy to flip through, making them great for calendars, notebooks, and planners.

Advantages: Cost-effective, versatile, easy to turn pages, opens fully, durable. 

Applications for booklets

Why take advantage of our Parramatta booklet printing? There are many things you can do with a quality booklet, from manuals to catalogues. For example:

Promoting products or services. Use booklets to dive into more detail about what you offer and increase their value in the eyes of your customers.

Providing instructions. Ideal for creating branded step-by-step instructions or tutorials on your business or your products.

Highlighting events. Whether it’s a program, schedule or guide with information on the event such as speaker bios, booklets are a great idea for events.

Educating customers. Do you have a complex product? Educate your customers with a quality booklet and get their interest and attention.

Tips for booklet printing

Booklets are highly versatile and have huge marketing potential for your business. But they have to be done right, as they’re a more expensive and time-consuming commitment than, say, a simple flyer. And there’s nothing worse than completing a run and realising your information isn’t clear or engaging. So, before you commit to our Parramatta booklet printing, consider your budget and the different kinds of binding.

If you’re designing the book in-house, you’ll need to account for the binding using bleed and gutter areas or risk losing valuable information.

As always, high-resolution images make a world of difference. And finally, it’s worth being across how different paper looks and feels, so your booklet is the perfect representation of your business.

Need some help? Our team of expert designers can help realise the exact booklet you have in mind. With a variety of types and applications, booklets can be customised to fit your unique needs and style.

Our booklet printing services are trusted by Parramatta businesses for a long list of reasons, from the latest materials and printing equipment to our many years of experience. With a lightning-fast turnaround and efficient processes that make print runs easy to replicate, when it comes to booklet printing – we’re the number one choice.

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