MBE Mail Receiving Services are truly unique

Of course you get a locked mailbox with 24/7 access – but that’s about where the similarities with an old fashioned PO Box end.

Unlike a dodgy sounding PO Box address, your MBE mail receiving service also provides a real street address.  This opens up endless opportunities.  It means you can receive parcels from any courier company – not just Australia Post.  It means your virtual business can now have an actual street address.  It also means you can keep your real residential address confidential.

Your MBE mail receiving service provides security, privacy and peace of mind.

Best of all, we will receive and sign for any parcels you receive – perfect for your on-line shopping sprees! We will hold them securely until you are ready to collect. For added convenience, we can even notify you by SMS or e-mail when a parcel comes for you.  So no more wasted trips.
MBE Mail Receiving Services are designed specifically to provide efficiency and cost savings to small businesses such as:


Ideal for any mobile business, MBE can give you the credibility of a real street address with our private mail box services. We can give you a physical presence in a prestigious neighbourhood or CBD location.

Home-based businesses

Perfect for any business operating out of a garage or home office.  Keep your home address private whilst your business maintains a real mailing address. DX Mail is safest way to send documents overnight. Check how to request DX Mail services.

Mobile salespeople

Work from your car?  Give your business the credibility of a real street address with MBE’s Business Address Service.  And while you’re at it, why not get a landline number to supplement your mobile?  MBE’s Virtual Office service can provide you with a standard landline number as well as a street address.

On line shoppers

Never home?  Hate waiting in long queues at the Post Office to collect your parcels?  Problem solved: MBE will receive and sign for your parcels and keep them safe until you are ready to collect.  Better yet, unlike the outdated PO Box we can receive parcels from ALL couriers and carriers.

Any small business

Paying office rent? Do you really need to? Maybe it’s time to fire your landlord and get rid of the office.  With 21st century electronic devices and connectivity, the need for actual office space is greatly reduced. Employees of agile companies can now work directly from their devices. Once you’ve unloaded your expensive office, MBE can provide you with a real Business Address.

Overseas Businesses and Individuals

Are you overseas and need an Australian mailing address?  Look no further than MBE Business Address Service.  We can receive your mail then forward it to any location on the planet.

The Five Benefits of MBE’s unique Mail Receiving Services:

-A Real Street Address, not a dodgy PO Box number

-Lobby Service: Mail Security and Personal Privacy

-Quick, easy parcel collection – No more long Post Office Queues!

-Convenient 24 Hour, Secure Access with Parcel Notification

-Worldwide Forwarding Services

If you need a courier in Sydney or Melbourne and you are looking for a comprehensive solution to your small business mail and parcel receiving requirements, look no further than Mail Boxes Etc. We’ll even print out architectural plans and send them to you.