Mail Boxes Etc. Australia Launches eLearning Platform MBE Academy

In striving for continued excellence, MBE implemented research last year to determine business growth opportunities. Findings concluded that the MBE business model in Europe is quite different than in Australia, with 80% of their revenue being derived from shipping and logistics services. In Australia, the main focus for MBE’s revenue is on printing services. MBE Europe has achieved this success in the shipping, logistics, packing and fulfillment arena through implementing strong selling skills.

MBE Australia was successful in their funding application to the Australian Government in procuring an Industry Skills Fund grant. The program was the only financial support available for non-accredited training in Australia. MBE was one of the last organizations to be approved for funding before the program ended in December 2016.

Partnering with Get Smart Services, MBE now provides franchisees with an enterprise-based training program, which focuses on introducing ship and pack services to the Australian market. The content is engaging, relevant and useful in terms of providing tangible business outcomes with a specific emphasis on growing the pack and ship opportunity identified. The program provides franchisees with training that is cost-effective, convenient, flexible and does not take them or their employees out of the business for extended periods of time. The customized program consists of short, sharp interactive learning sessions that are hosted on a state-of-the art MBE Academy, eLearning platform. Learners have the convenience of accessing training courses on their computer or mobile device. Learners are rewarded with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points for successfully accomplishing the various learning milestones, as well as certificates of accomplishment. MBE recognizes CPD achievements at their National Conference with an annual CPD award for individuals in the network who embrace these learning opportunities.

“We are really excited to now offer this state-of-the-art training program to our franchise network. In addition to the pack and ship areas, the MBE Academy will train franchisees in sales management skills to turn their business into proactive sales centers. They will also become more efficient and productive managers, adding value to the work performed,” said CEO MBE Australia Clayton Treloar.

In addition to the MBE Academy, all new MBE franchisees undergo a comprehensive six-week training program, regular training webinars and center visits.