Large format printing

As printers have evolved over the years – so has the size of the paper they can manage. Today’s large format printers are capable of working with various materials, between 457mm and 2540mm n size.


Also known as wide format printing, these huge attention-grabbing prints have a vast range of applications. It’s a way for a brand message to stand out in an environment, and make a strong statement. Messages on large-format paper simply look more impressive, and there are many options for printing technologies including aqueous inks, dye sublimation, UV, and latex. However, working with jobs of this scale requires specialist expertise and equipment.

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Types of large format printing

Businesses seek wide format prints for all kinds of reasons. Government agencies use large format printers to print maps, charts and diagrams. Advertising agencies often use large format printers to print out flyers and attention-grabbing large posters. Architects, engineers and surveyors use large format printers to create large-scale blueprints and plans. 

The most common categories include:

  • Blueprints
  • Event announcements
  • Large wall and window posters
  • Promotional signage
  • Store displays
  • Charts, diagrams, and maps
  • Large wall calendars
  • Employee or student notices
  • Large vertical and horizontal banners
  • Building wraps
  • Trade show and exhibition graphics.

Large format print job tips

Have an idea for communication that would shine in a wide format print? The first thing to do is finalise the dimensions and decide what kind of materials you’d like to print on.

  • Large format printers operate exact to size, meaning the information you feed it – shape, size, design, etc – is exactly what will come out
  • Being so large, the resolution of your design must be high, with sufficient dots per inch (DPI) so that it does not distort or blur when scaled
  • As with any printed materials, your print document should be in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), as RGB colour modes are designed only for the screen. The print will mix the CMYK tones to create the perfect shade
  • It’s a good idea to set a bleed section across all four corners of your design, so ink runs right the way to the edge. This way, the inks are guaranteed to cover the canvas and not leave any glaring white spaces – especially noticeable in designs with coloured backgrounds.

Benefits of large format printing

They say the bigger the better, and large format printing comes with huge benefits.

  • Studies show some 50% of consumers engage with outdoor adverts more than any other media. It’s got a great proven ROI.
  • Wide-format prints are versatile, with a range of materials, finishes and applications to choose from. The only limit is your creativity.
  • Large advertising works over the long term. Being such a visual fixture is the perfect way to showcase timeless designs and make a lasting impression.
  • This also makes it ideal for improving your brand awareness, especially if you strategically choose areas with the highest traffic and visibility.

Large-format printing is a specialised service. Without the right equipment and know-how, it’s going to be impossible to print A0 posters or banners at home. Working with a specialist company for your wide format print materials – not one that outsources – will ensure you’re never disappointed.

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