How Long Does Shipping From Australia To Ireland Take?

International shipping to Ireland

Once the decision is made that you need to ship some or all of your possessions from Australia to Ireland all you then have to know is the best way to do it! Find our more about costs, locations and how long shipping from Australia to Ireland takes below.

Shipping Containers to Ireland

Shipping containers to Ireland from Australia come in different options. You can arrange air freight which is ideal if you’re a making a last-minute move at short notice. International air freight journeys normally take one to three days, but the downside is they can be extremely expensive.

Sea freight is a much cheaper option – especially if you can plan in advance. The size of your cargo will determine the container size which will be either 20ft or 40ft. If you don’t have enough to fill an entire container a Less Than Container Load may be offered to you, where you share a container with others.

Shipping a car to Ireland can also be performed by using a 20ft container – suitable for one vehicle. Your car can be collected from your property or you can deliver it yourself. At the loading facility, the car will be driven into the container and carefully positioned before all four wheels are chocked. These chocks are made from metal or wood and screwed into the floor of the container.

Padded ratchet straps lash the wheels to the containers in each corner to ensure the car can’t move in transit. Car shipping containers must comply with strict safety regulations deeming that the container is both wind and watertight. The standard size of the container guarantees compatibility with ship, train, or road trailers for the completion of the journey.

Approximate costs for a 20ft shipping container are between £2700 – £3050. For a 40ft container these rise to £5000 to £6000. These costs may vary depending on your chosen shipping company.

Dublin has its own shipping port – the largest one in Ireland. It deals with almost half of Ireland’s trade including two-thirds of all inbound containers, which are then transported to your destination by truck or train.


You’ll need a Transfer of Residence document where you provide a detailed description of all the belongings you’ll be bringing into Ireland alongside proof of your new Irish residence. All containers will undergo a physical inspection to verify the accuracy of the inventory.

Household goods will be entered duty-free, and everything else is subject to customs duties and VAT. To get information on prohibited or restricted items you should visit the Irish Customs official website.

Sending Parcels from Australia to Ireland

Shipping boxes from Australia to Ireland can be arranged from door to door – especially so when you use an online shipping platform that combines thousands of international and local couriers to get you the best deals.

Any small or large parcels sent will be covered by the same standard and company comprehensive insurances ensuring security is paramount. The time it takes to deliver your parcel depends on the destination – it can take as little as one day – as the online platform will always select the best shipment transportation routes.

Shipping to Ireland parcel costs depend on the size and weight of the package – as well as the distance – these factors also affect the time needed to deliver the parcel. Fast shipment is mainly one to two business days whilst a less expensive courier usually requires an average of 10 days.

In order for parcels to reach their destination undamaged, they should be packed to minimise impairment during transportation. Cushioning can be provided with bubble wrap, and any other space filled with soft packing materials. A sturdy tight-sized box should then be used – and a visible, clear label attached.

International Shipping

International shipping from Australia generally needs a lead-up time of around two weeks – giving the shipping company time to reserve container space and arrange the shipment details. Shipping with a trusted company such as MBE will secure a solution that gives you great value for money and gets your delivery there on time.

You’ll be assured of the best rates on shipping from Australia to Ireland – and be able to easily arrange a single shipment or regular deliveries. Your consignment will be covered by full insurance throughout the transportation, and a wide range of partner international shipping companies will ensure you get safe transit for any items.

You’ll also have access to an entire range of sturdy packing materials – from bubble wrap and packing paper to mailing tubes and moving kits. Art and wine packaging is readily available on request.

Bear in mind that it’s extremely difficult to calculate the exact shipping period as this depends on conditions that can sometimes be out of the control of the shipping company. However, you can discuss your individual or business needs with a professional highly trained in international shipping procedures to get a quote and a delivery time that suits you.