How Colourful Prints Improve Productivity at Work

How colour impacts your brain

When companies need to boost the performance of their staff and keep morale up, it’s easy for them to get stuck focusing on the obvious.

Strategies such as giving staff an extra day off on their birthday or offering free lunchtime yoga classes can be costly – and aren’t always fully embraced by staff.

A different and more effective approach is to refresh the environment your team is working in.

While it’s well known that colour and imagery can shape our mood and influence our wellbeing, not many companies think about an office refresh when their staff members are lacking motivation or not working at capacity.

However, understanding how to bring out the best in your employees using these tools is essential.

Workplace colour psychology

The idea that colour can impact how we perceive things, how we feel and how we act – known as colour psychology – is fairly well understood by many, but its specific application to the work environment is less so.

In August 2018, a study published in the Asian Journal of Behavioural Studies found that understanding how colour can affect human perceptions and behaviour is essential for creating an efficient work environment. 

It detailed research showing that workplace colour can affect factors such as our heart rate and anxiety levels, and that colour impacts work outcomes such as performance, productivity and creativity.

How colour impacts the workspace

Colour in the office

So, how do businesses make the most of colour to positively influence their people?

The first thing to know is that studies have typically looked at warm colours (red, orange, yellow tones) versus cool colours (blue/green tones).

Personal preference is a factor but cool colours are more often associated with a sense of calm while warm colours are generally more stimulating.

Yellow is said to be great for creativity.

Blue is also good on the creativity front and can help with brainstorming, according to a University of British Colombia study. It’s considered good for all-round productivity, due to its calming and energising effect.

Red, research says, is ideal for detail-oriented tasks while orange may help create a welcoming feeling. These hues are also related to excitement and energy and support collaboration.

Green, which reminds us of nature, also has a soothing impact at work.

Purple is said to be good for promoting teamwork and productivity, while earthy brown tones induce a sense of comfort.

White is crisp and can create space but beware of offices in neutral tones without splashes of colour, or black, because they can be perceived as depressing.

Variety of Colour psychology charts

Bring in the colour!

Reinvigorating your office using colour psychology doesn’t have to be time consuming and expensive.

While you can paint walls or buy new office furniture to bring fresh colour into the space, it’s more easily done – and kept updated – with simpler, smaller changes.

Some great ideas include:

  •  Large format motivational posters

Placing an oversized motivational quote on your walls in the form of a colourful, attention-grabbing large (or wide) format poster is a great way to improve the drive of your staff.

MBE has the specialist equipment and experience to deliver a quality product (up to A0 size) that will make an impact.


  • Inspiring imagery

A large format poster featuring a colourful inspirational image may be all that’s required to keep your team on target and focused on achieving your company’s goals. Our expert graphic designers can work with you to find just the right visual approach.


  • Feature walls

Using a full office wall means the possibilities for rejuvenating your workplace are virtually endless. You can use the space to incorporate beautiful colourful imagery, and inspiring words, or make a statement and transport your team to the rainforest, beach or another city altogether. We can print self-adhesive wallpaper to the specifications of your space in a range of materials.


  • Vinyl print sticker panels

When you want to make a colourful splash on office glass, vinyl print sticker panels are perfect. These window decals can add depth and interest and help to keep employee engagement up.


  • Banners

If you only have a small space or the budget is tight, creating bright, invigorating branded banners can add that much-needed colour to your office and keep staff productive.

The best bit is that you can take these banners on the road to seminars or events as needed too. We have a range of attractive, durable banners including vinyl, fabric and pull-up options.


  • Signage

Signage is another fabulous way to add colour to your indoor work environment and help bring your business space – and people – to life.

Make a statement with customised cut out signs or stick with more traditional options. Either way, they are super versatile and can be moved around to invigorate different sections of the office as needed.

Whichever way you choose to make your workspace pop with colour, let MBE’s helpful graphic design and print teams be your guide.

We will happily work closely with you to guarantee the highest quality printed materials that make a real difference to your office – and those representing your brand.

When you need a business boost, choose MBE.

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