5 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance

Clayton Treloar, CEO MBE Australia shares how he achieves it as a franchisor and franchisee

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Starting a new business can destroy your work-life balance. After all, how can you think about even taking a break with so much to do?

Most good franchise opportunities come with training…

What they don’t always come with is a handy manual explaining why every manager, franchisee and franchisor is in need of a work-life balance which is sustainable for them.

Many high-flying CEOs swear by the latest “sleep hacking” craze. You know the one:

“Train yourself to sleep for around four hours a day and get more work done.”

Well, despite what some people claim, sleeping less is not good for you. What you really need to be doing is maximising the quality of work you put in when you’re actually working.

To do that, you need to focus on achieving a happy work-life balance. Here’s how:

1) When work is over, it’s over (until tomorrow)

Most people have set working hours. Usually, when they’re off the clock, work thoughts are off the menu. Bar moaning about Sally-Anne in the next cubicle.

This is essential downtime that your brain needs. For many people who are starting their own business or who have just become a franchise owner, this feels impossible.

What you need to do is simple:

1. Decide on a set time when you are going to finish for the day

2. Make a list of your outstanding tasks

3. Turn off your computer, close your planner and do them tomorrow

2) Don’t check your emails (not even “quickly”)

Seriously, work is over. You’re adding extra stress to your working day – and, again, needlessly extending it – by checking your emails or social media accounts after your work is done.

Achieving a healthy work-life balance isn’t something you can instantly fall into. You need to police yourself on things like those almost automatic email checks until you do it naturally.

3) Take an interest (in something else)

Hobbies are important. What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Buying a franchise shouldn’t be the death of relaxation. Mental health professionals the world over recommend good exercise, relaxation and hobbies as being necessary for a good work-life balance. Plus:

If work is all you do, what are you going to do when you retire? There are only so many cocktails to drink and beaches to sit on.

4) Remember you’re part of a team (use it)

You’ve built your team. Use them. Delegation is an important part of management.

That’s not to say you should be putting your feet up while everyone else is at the office. But there’s no need to do it all by yourself.

5) You’re the boss – be the boss (of yourself and others)

Take control. Then, once you’ve nailed it for yourself, remember:

If you’re the boss, you also hold the key to a good work-life balance for your employees. Delegating makes sense. But you should also remember to encourage your employees to take breaks.

It’s how you build yourself a dedicated core of job-loving staff who know their boss expects the best – and rewards it.

Work-life balance – importance and why you need it

All work and no play doesn’t just make you a dull boy (or girl). It also makes it even harder to get those sustainable, quality hours of work out of yourself every day. Achieving a good work-life balance isn’t easy.

But follow these five steps and you’ll be off to a strong start.