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Mail Forwarding & Redirection

Set up mail forwarding and redirection from Australia to New Zealand, the UK, the USA, or anywhere internationally. Redirect from your MBE Virtual Office address to your home business office or head office…

It’s all easy with MBE!

We’ll help you avoid any of the following problems:

  • An Australian retailer you want to purchase an item from doesn’t ship overseas
  • A retailer is asking for ridiculous postage and packaging to be paid on an item to get it sent to your address
  • You need an address in Australia but don’t want to pay absurd serviced office fees
  • You have a PO BOX which doesn’t allow you to receive express deliveries such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, or any courier delivery that requires a signature

MBE’s mail forwarding services are the solution.

Why Get Mail Forwarding and Redirection Services From MBE?

  • Check what’s arrived in your mailbox before requesting it to be shipped to you
  • Get rid of junk mail before it’s sent to you
  • Save valuable time and reduce your shipping and postage costs
  • Cost-effective rates for all services, because we work with all of the top national and international courier companies
  • Special care taken with all items, and your mailbox stored in a secure facility that’s available for access 24/7
  • Consolidate several orders from different vendors into one international shipment – no problem!

Mail Redirection From Australia to Anywhere in the World!

MBE provides professional and reliable mail, parcel, and fax forwarding and redirection services to any location on the globe. Whether you are an international business person or a private individual, you’ll be able to customise your mail drop and forwarding services to meet your needs. If this means redirection to New Zealand, the UK, the US, or any other global location is entirely up to you.

Mail forwarding at MBE means your very own, unique virtual mailing address: a suite, private box, unit, department, or mail stop in Australia, New Zealand, and in more than 2500+ MBE Business Centre locations across the world!

The Advantages For Individuals and International Businesses

  • MBE Business Centres provide you with your own private mailing address in Australia or New Zealand. Without residing down-under, you can receive your mail and parcels through us. Everything from letters to packages – and we then forward them to you anywhere in the world!
    • For your international business, an Australian address can be very advantageous to sell in the Australian market. Remember that we also offer a full suite of inventory and fulfillment services. Save money by making MBE your mail forwarding and product distribution partner.
    • For individuals, we offer the most advanced mail forwarding services in the industry. Our unparalleled service options mean that you can receive SMS or email alerts when letters or parcels are received.  We can then forward mail and packages to your current local or international address – great for business travellers!

Other Services You Might Be Looking For

When you sign up for an account with us, MBE instantly provides you with a physical mailing address. At MBE we have developed the technology to better identify incoming mail online. As mail or parcels are received, we can send an SMS or email message directly to you via our mail notification services. We can even redirect faxes to your email address, giving you an Australian Fax Number without any hassle.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that because we work with all of the leading names in the industry, we offer DX mail services at many MBE centres. DX is ideal for transferring documents securely overnight.

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Mail Forwarding & Redirection FAQs

How often will you forward my mail?

Most centers will offer you a choice of weekly or monthly forwarding to suit your needs

Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

Your local centre can consult you on if your box type will have any additional fees depending on how you use it.

Add on services you might choose to add include mail forwarding, mail scanning, mail returns, long term package holding or adding additional users or business names to your registration.

How do you know which mail or parcel is for me?

We register the personal and business names you anticipate receiving mail for when you sign up and match your mail up to these every time a new piece arrives. It is important that you use your unique suite number so that there are no delays in receiving your email and parcels.

How do I sign up for a mail forwarding service?

You can opt into mail forwarding during your sign up or at any time after by contacting your chosen centre.

What happens when you receive my parcel(s)?

Parcels received are logged and placed in your box as soon as they arrive. If you’re set up to receive notifications you will get an email informing you of its arrival.

What if I do not want the parcel?

If you have a piece of mail you did not want or have received in error you or the store can have it returned to sender if it came via Australia Post.

Can I change my mail forwarding address?

You can contact your local centre at any time to supply a new forwarding address.

Talk to Us About the Service You Need

With more than 2500+ centres across the world, you’ll always find it easy to spot the MBE near you. Plus of course, you can always reach us online or by phone! Get in touch and speak to an expert about the mail redirection services you need now.

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