What Is The Difference Between Digital And Offset Printing?

What Is The Difference Between Digital And Offset Printing?

In basic terms, a printing process is the production of printed material for distribution or sale. There are several main industrial printing processes including offset and digital types – both of which produce prints that are extremely high in quality and suitable for businesses. Depending on the printing needs of your business digital and offset printing may prove to be two of your considered options. The number of copies required for print is often the deciding factor when determining which makes more financial sense. What is the difference between digital and offset printing? Find out more here… Continue Reading

What Is Door To Door Delivery?

What is door to door delivery? This frequently asked question when referring to door to door shipping means that the freight forwarding company will pick up the shipping container from your warehouse and take it to the port. This door to door service ensures that goods are collected from one location and delivered to another location on time. Find out more about door to door delivery here… CONTINUE READING

Why Print Catalogues Are Important For Your Business?

A print catalogue is defined as a booklet arranged for the press to be trimmed and folded – and set in the correct reading order. A business catalogue lists goods or services on sale alongside their description and prices, published as a printed document. This helps with the understanding of the goods required, where they’re located, and shows the status of the individual item. Look at more reasons why print catalogues are important for your business here… CONTINUE READING

What Is Freight Forwarding?

What is freight forwarding? Simply put freight forwarding is the organisation and shipment of goods between destinations via a one or more carriers such as air, ship, rail, or road. Freight forwarding services use a person or a company to arrange shipments and get the goods from the manufacturer or supplier to the customer. The freight forwarder may organise to have the cargo moved to an airport by truck, or have it flown to its destination. CONTINUE READING

What Is An Overnight Courier?

What is an overnight courier? As the name implies this is a delivery service, sometimes referred to as next-day delivery, that takes place overnight. Parcels are collected during a business day and travel to the destination city during the night with delivery taking place the following day. This overnight delivery services are ideally suited for people who need to ship items as quickly as possible domestically. Delivery options depend on how early you book your parcel and due to the COVID-19 pandemic may vary slightly from their estimated delivery window in some areas. Take a look at overnight shipping in more...

What Is A Newsletter?

What is a newsletter? A newsletter is a printed report that contains news related to the activities of an organisation or a business – and distributed to employees, customers, or members who would find it of interest. Today newsletter marketing is used by companies to send information directly to customers, both existing and potential, and is popular as a form of direct-to-consumer advertising. A business newsletter can be used by organisations to inform their membership of any ongoing developments & offers and strengthen their familiarity with a brand. Find out more about the newsletter meaning here… CONTINUE READING

What Is Domestic Shipping?

What is domestic shipping? Domestic shipping is the transport goods or documents within a single country – staying within the borders. International shipping, on the other hand, is when goods are sent worldwide. Within domestic shipping there are a comprehensive range of domestic courier and freight services available, with many transport solutions on offer – suitable for both small and large businesses. Find out more about domestic shipping in Australia here… Continue Reading

What Is a Flyer?

What is a flyer? A flyer is a type of paper advertisement typically posted or distributed in a public place. It can be sent through the post or handed out and can be used by anyone from individuals, small businesses, and even governments to advertise, promote, or recruit. Flyers are a low-cost way to market and communicate as they only require basic printing techniques. Find out more about the various meaning, types, and sizes of flyers here… Continue Reading

Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) Australia announces online virtual postal mail management service

“Customers can check their mail at anytime, from anywhere, on any device!” As the world adjusts and adapts to living and experiencing life ‘online’, the team at MBE have been working hard behind the scenes to create and implement a brand new service offering, that will allow customers to use a secure cloud-based platform to view and manage their mail anywhere in the world. This innovative and ground-breaking news comes at a perfect time, especially as behavioural changes in online shopping and bulk-buying has seen an increased need and demand for mail and parcel delivery services. Continue Reading

How Should I Reopen My Small Business?

If your small business or courier business has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic there are many factors you need to consider before you can move forwards safely as well as sustainably. You may have been able to change your business profile to working from home – or you might have had to close your doors completely. There will be a whole range of new challenges to face including the severity of the virus within your community, the ability you have to enforce proper social distancing, and the level of contact you would have with between employees and customers. So,...