DX Mail Services

Many Mail Boxes Etc. centres are local exchanges providing DX Mail services.

What is DX Mail?

DX Mail is Australia’s only national private document exchange service. Over 20,000 members exchange an average 100,000 documents per night via DX, through a network of over 650 exchanges located across all states.

Documents are delivered overnight and arrive before 9am as standard within the same state, and with the introduction of DX Premium documents can now be tracked online.

What are the Advantages of Using DX?

  • Incredibly low fees for document exchange
  • Nationwide deliveries from box to box accomplished overnight
  • DX is a private network, meaning your documents are always safe and protected
  • There's no need to work out postage, get stamps, or otherwise mess around when sending items
  • So secure that Federal and State Courts and Police across Australia use DX
  • Pre-9am deliveries in most locations ensure that you get your document at the start of the working day
  • Post-5pm collections ensure you won't be in a hurry to send your documents

Why Use MBE When You Need DX Mail Services?

  • Your DX mailbox will be located within a secure facility which you can access 24/7
  • Professional printing and copying services on hand if you need multiple versions of documents that you've received, or need to send
  • Get skilled graphic design assistance in creating documents before you send them

Other Services You Might Be Looking For

If it's not specifically DX mail services that you require, it's worth remembering that we also offer private mailboxes suitable for receiving letters and packages from all couriers. We can sign for and receive parcels you're expecting from any courier or shipping company anywhere in the world - we have more than 1600 MBE Business Centres across the globe for you to choose from.

We also provide professional courier services to let you ship those parcels on to your main business or home office address, or to send any other packages with ease - no matter where they need to go.

What Can We Send For You Today?

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