Domestic and International Couriers




Domestic and International Couriers

Enjoy International Insurance On All Consignments With MBE

Relax while your items are in our care - we provide full international insurance on all consignments. There's no limit on this coverage either. So whatever you're sending, and wherever you need it to go, we'll give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that it'll get there safely - or you'll get its value back.

The Responsibility is Ours

Tired of signing transport damage waivers? Unlike other courier companies, MBE not only doesn't require you to do this - we actually provide unlimited coverage for almost any kind of item within our care.

Unlimited Coverage in Almost All Cases

In the unlikely event that items are lost whilst within our care, we'll provide protection of the full value of the item in question. If an item is damaged, we'll pay for the repair. There are almost no circumstances or items that we don't provide cover for, but here they are:

  • Anything that can be used as or represents money, like coins, bank notes, credit cards, or bullion.
  • Precious stones and jewellery containing precious stones - items where a value might vary depending on who you ask.
  • Any living things, such as livestock, breeding or blood stock, or plants.
  • Things that might be termed "consequentially lost" as result of loss or damage - we only cover the items which are physically lost or damaged.
  • Items that aren't signed for - be careful if you permit your carrier to deliver an item without requesting a signature.

You Don't Have to Pay Extra

Most shipping companies will require you to pay out extra for insurance cover like this. Not MBE - you're trusting us to organise safe delivery for your items, and that's exactly what we intend to deliver.

Domestic Insurance Cover

Planning on sending a package a little closer to home? Not to worry. We also provide domestic insurance coverage on all consignments and interstate deliveries within Australia's borders.

What Your Coverage Looks Like

  • We provide cover for almost any item that we're transporting up to an unlimited amount.
  • The coverage you get isn't linked to the carrier we're using to make your delivery - your insurance comes from us.
  • Count on support for whatever logistics solutions and coverage you need, thanks to our network of 30+ MBE Business Centres in Australia.

Learn More About the International Insurance We Provide

Walk into your local MBE Business Centre, or simply give us a quick call on +61 1800 556 245 to find out more about the international insurance cover we provide with our courier services. You can also get a quote - which will of course include the coverage you need - by filling in our enquiry form.

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