Domestic and International Couriers




Domestic and International Couriers

Get Gentle Care of Fragile and Sensitive Goods

There's a reason that so many Australians, and people all over the world, use MBE to transport vulnerable items. We offer gentle care of fragile and sensitive goods of all kinds. Here's how:

We Have No Limits on the Size, Shape, or Weight of Items

Unlike other courier companies, MBE is committed to moving almost any kind of item to anywhere in the world. This means that even if you're struggling with awkwardly shaped or heavy items, we'll be able to find you the right logistics solution!

Professional Packaging Services

Read more about our high quality packing services. Rest assured that if you have an item that you need to transport safely, we'll most likely have carried something just like it before - and will know exactly how to prepare it for its journey.

A History of Excellence

We've worked with individuals and professionals across the world, always providing a safe, secure, and reliable delivery for fragile and sensitive goods. To support this, we offer full domestic insurance on all consignments within the country, and international insurance on all consignments abroad. Perfect for your peace of mind.

Computers and Electronics, Lithium Batteries, iPhones...

We send it all! We've helped move laboratory equipment, medical equipment, communications and broadcasting equipment, as well as relocating electronic equipment for individuals and companies across the world.

Why Use Us to Send Sensitive Goods?

  • Specialist logistics and packing expertise available throughout Australia
  • Carefully chosen partners ensure that we always select the most suitable carrier
  • Full insurance cover for domestic and international shipments
  • No limitations on the weight, size, or shape of items to be transported

Contact Us To Learn More About Sending Fragile Goods

Get in touch with us today on +61 1800 556 245, or get a quote on sending fragile goods online. If you'd prefer to speak to someone about your items in person, we have more than 30 MBE Business Centres across Australia - all of which are staffed by logistics experts. Well be glad to walk you through the ways in which we'll protect your items during transit.

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