Overnight Couriers




Overnight Couriers

Get Domestic Insurance On All Consignments With MBE

Get unlimited coverage for all your shipments. We offer full domestic insurance on all consignments. So wherever you're sending your goods within Australia, we provide the protection you need to ensure you get peace of mind, as well as a safe and secure delivery.

We Take the Responsibility

Most shipping companies will require that you sign a legal waiver for any damages to goods while they're in transit. Instead of this, MBE specifically covers you for the value of items we're transporting.

No Limit Coverage On Almost Any Goods

With very few exceptions, the coverage we provide is total. Unlike many other courier companies, MBE will protect you under almost any circumstances. Full value for items which are lost, and the cost of repair for items that are damaged.

The only items we don't provide coverage for are:
  • Money: cash, coinage, notes, bullion, credit cards, or any kind of document that represents money.
  • Jewellery: things like precious stones, or items made of gold or silver where a price might be subjective.
  • Animals and plants: we don't cover livestock or any other living things.
  • Consequential loss: we only cover things that are physically lost or damaged
  • Where delivery isn't signed for: if you authorise a carrier to leave your items somewhere without a signature, we can't provide cover.

Provided As Standard

Expecting to pay extra for the privilege of fully insured courier services? Not with MBE! You get coverage as standard with all of our domestic shipping.

International Insurance Cover

Not quite the coverage you were looking for? Check out the international insurance coverage on all consignments that we offer for deliveries outside of Australia.

What Kind of Coverage Do We Offer?

  • Unlimited insurance coverage for almost any kind of item we're transporting.
  • No matter the partner carrier you're using - your coverage is with us rather than the courier company we match you with.
  • More than 30 MBE Business Centres in Australia where you can get any further advice.

Find Out More About Our Domestic Insurance

Learn more about how we'll protect your items while they're in transit, by giving us a quick call on 61 1800 556 245. You can also get a quote including this coverage by filling in our enquiry form online now, or by visiting your local MBE Business Centre.

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