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Domestic and International Couriers

Read More About Our Dangerous Goods Policy

MBE makes the transport of approved or permitted dangerous goods considerably easier than it used to be. We do however have to comply with legal regulations and requirements. You can read more about our dangerous goods policy right here...

Specialist Carriers for Dangerous Goods

A shipping company needs to follow certain laws in order to transport dangerous waste, such as:

  • IATA for air transport
  • ADR for road transport
  • Various other legal requirements

For this reason, we hand-pick the courier companies we work with when delivering dangerous items.

Correct Packing and Markings

Every shipping company that transports dangerous goods requires that they are properly packaged and labelled as such. We'll make sure that your items comply with the regulations of the company in question, and we can provide professional packing services should they be necessary. But under most circumstances, we'll require that you have made the items fit for their journey.

You are also responsible for making sure that they have the correct documentation required by both the departure and arrival states and countries.

You Might Be Surprised What Counts as Dangerous Goods

Would it surprise you to learn that the following can count as dangerous goods?

  • Perfumes
  • Food flavouring
  • Certain chemicals
  • Electrical equipment

If you have any concerns about the materials you need to transport, or are wondering what qualifies as dangerous goods in Australia, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on the number at the foot of the page.

Certain Goods Are Not Permitted

There are no circumstances in which we will transport war munitions or dangerous goods waste.

Why Use Us to Transport Dangerous Goods?

  • With very few exceptions, we can transport all kinds of permitted dangerous goods.
  • Ability to send items that qualify as dangerous materials to European, North American, and Asian markets.
  • We can even send items like lithium batteries, dry ice, and biological substances.

Find Out More About Transporting Dangerous Goods

Simply give us a call on +61 1800 556 245, or head into your local MBE Business Centre to chat to an expert about how to transport dangerous goods. You can also get a quote on using MBE to do so quickly and easily online.

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