Freight Service




Freight Service

Finding the Right Solution for Air Freight Shipments

Sending items by air freight is often the most efficient solution for all kinds of packages...That's why at MBE, we work with an extensive array of partner carriers - so you always get the best deal on sending goods by air freight:

Air Freight Solutions For All Kinds of Items

In the past we've helped our clients move everything from excess baggage to the contents of their home, office equipment to laboratory and medical equipment, electrical goods, and much more besides. Whatever you need a fast and reliable solution for, we'll make sure it gets moved swiftly and safely.

International Air Freight - And Air Shipments Within Australia

Because of the extensive network of partners we have, we offer both domestic air transport and international transit by plane for all kinds of items. By comparing and selecting the most efficient freight company for your needs, we'll ensure you get timely delivery as well as the best deal, no matter where your items need to get to.

Domestic and International Insurance Cover

Make sure your investment stays protected. We provide full domestic and international insurance on all consignments, so you can relax while your items are in transit.

Professional Packing Services

We provide the logistics specialists and high grade materials needed to secure any item for air travel. This doesn't just mean cardboard boxes. We have a wide array of materials suitable for different items that are used during our packing services.

Why Use Us to Send Your Items By Air Freight?

  • Make sure you're getting the best deal thanks to our extensive network of partner carriers.
  • Expert assistance in the packing and care of even fragile or vulnerable cargoes.
  • Professional logistics experience from an expert freight forwarder at your fingertips.
  • Relax knowing that you're covered by full insurance for all domestic and international consignments.

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Chat to a professional about the shipment that you need to make today. Either by calling +61 1800 556 245, or by choosing to get a quote online. You can also simply walk into your local MBE Business Centre. There are more than 30 across Australia alone!

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