A Creative Way to Spice Up Your Boring Blank Walls


Do you have a blank wall that could use some life? Maybe its in the office reception at work or maybe its the big white wall at home. You could probably hang a picture there to make it less boring, and sure the right picture would be a great point of interest, MBE can even help with that picture. Otherwise you could simply paint it a different colour and have a feature wall like you see on all the reality home reno shows.

But there is another option, call it a compromise if you will, I will call it an upgrade. MBE can print wallpaper! Yes, you read that right! We can print any image you like onto self adhesive wallpaper, turning that boring wall into a real point of interest. You could have an image of your favourite place in the world, or Batman driving out of the bat cave, imagination the surprise on your kids face when the see the bat cave entrance is in their bedroom! How about getting really creative and making your wall look like its peeling away, exposing brick and other textures or you just want to change the colour and would like a cost effective solution, we can also do that with our self adhesive wallpaper.

Thinking about your workplace? You could put a well designed collage of images from your work on your reception wall, really showing your customers why you are the best place to visit, or simply use the entire wall as your sign with text and graphics that not only is a far better option than a few posters in your office, its also cost effective with the seamless coverage you can get.

Now the options are endless for what you can do with those blank walls, which is cool, but the thing I really like about this product is the ease of installation! You don’t need loads of experience or expensive specialised tools, a small application squeegee and a craft knife and you are away. It could be a fun way to spend a long weekend, changing the look of a room that might of been a little boring. But if you are too busy of course MBE can arrange an installer to transform that space for you instead. Go see your local MBE store to find out how they can transform the world you live and work in.


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